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twelfth night

Picture from the Telegraph

Feste (Zubin Varla), Olivia (Indira Varma) and Malvolio (Derek Jacobi)

Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare @ Donmar West End

Last night I went to see Twelfth Night at the Wyndham’s Theatre. I bought the tickets ages ago so I was well excited when the day finally arrived. My Shakespeare professor has urged us time and time again to go and see it and the reviews have celebrated the production so expectations were high.

Something else that was high were our seats, as high up as you get on the top row, and although it was much more comfortable and spacious than the regular Donmar theatre, I actually got a bit dizzy. I don’t really mind being far away from the stage but the vertical angle made it difficult to see the full facial expression of the actors. But then again, beggars can’t be choosers and Wyndham is truly beautiful no matter where you sit; I love the vulgarity of old-fashion theatres. All in all, I thought it was a really good show. The set was very simple and pleasant; I especially liked the wooden floorboards and blinds as the back-drop. The acting was superb, as were the casting choices of Maria, Sir Toby and Sir Andrew whose scenes together were absolutely brilliant. The proclaimed star of the show, Derek Jacobi as Malvolio left me feeling a bit confused. He starts of wonderfully sarcastic and his first line ‘yeees’ is ace. The amount of laughter he aroused in the audience was fantastic but then I felt like it went down-hill (or at least not in the direction I wanted it to go). Maybe I would have thought it more amazing if I had known who Derek Jacobi was. I have understood that I should be lucky to be able to see him do Shakespeare on stage as he is somewhat of a living legend (I always found that paradoxical, isn’t the whole point with being a legend that you are dead?). However, until yesterday I had confused Derek Jacobi with Derek Jarman, thinking they were the same person. How very wrong; Jarman made punk films and Jacobi is that good guy who helps Russell Crowe out in Gladiator. But still, with Malvolio, I think I was expecting a more subtle and less farcical performance and I did definitely expect a more heartbreaking ending, which I suppose has less to do with the acting and more with Grandage’s direction. I know Twelfth Night is a comedy but there are also so many more serious issues that were never really explored. I was waiting for the moment when laughs would get stuck in throats and sympathy would replace scorn in the audience, but it never came.

I will return to Wyndham’s in April for Madame de Sade with Judi Dench and Rosamund Pike and I will try not to build up any unrealistic hopes or expectations (But OMG I just know it is going to be absolutely amazing).

My blog has finally been born! It has been on my list of things-to-do-when-i-stop-working for a long time now and is the first on that unintentionally long list to be completed. What my blog will be about? About me I reckon; about things I do, things I want to do and things I should do. About what I like and, knowing myself, most likely about what I don’t like.


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