Does it take a really big ego to take on Shakespeare on the big screen? Most films are way too greedy in their attempt to make both good film and good Shakespeare. I’m not saying that it can’t be done, or that it should not be the goal, but how about doing it with some modesty and appearance of effortlessness too? Sprezzatura? Si, si grazie mille!

Shakespeare or not, Branagh is generally quite self-indulgent, both in himself and in the actual film-making (Frankenstein anyone?) but I have to admit, in this last scene of Much Ado About Nothing it actually pays off. I’m always easily impressed by action scenes done in one long shot, and they have done this dancing scene (starts at 4:50) really nice. But is it just me or can you see the crane hiding behind the bushes? Ha! Branagh, you can’t fool me!