la vie au chateau

Laurencin’s paintings feel like summer incarnated.  Sensuous girls dressed in floating, pastel dresses that look light as silk gauze. They sit idly with their dogs and mandolins…so blissful and harmonic. And those muted colours and their black Cubist-like eyes are so enigmatically beautiful and makes me feel melancholic, in a strangely pleasing way. triste. plus que triste.

woman with dog

la musique

Painter, stage decorator, book illustrator and print-designer; Marie Laurencin worked in Picasso’s Paris studio together with other avant-garde painters in the early 20th century. She was the favoured muse of Apollinaire (who also encouraged her poetry-writing), her first customer was Gertrude Stein and she was immensely admired by the social elite of both Europe and America.

Upon request, Laurencin painted a portrait of Coco Chanel but it was rejected by the designer as she felt it did not look like her;

portrait of mademoiselle chanel