I have completely overindulged in all things moon this past week.  July 20, 1969. The Greatest Achievement in Human History. Or something like that. I find myself extremely carried away when thinking about this moon landing and the supposed greatness of it all. The whole symbolic significance of a human being on the moon in a metaphysical perspective (the we-are-but-a-peck-of–dust-in-a-hoover-bag kind of thing) really moves me. It feels like a unique moment in time when nationality, race or sex belonging became irrelevant and everyone was just proud to be a part of the human race and to live on this little blue planet called earth no matter how insignificant it might look when seen on a black infinite canvas. Or is all that world unity thing just space programme propaganda?

Well anyway, thank God it is over now. One more documentary about Armstrong’s reclusiveness or Apollo Wives and I’m more than willing to join in the choir singing c o n s p i r a c y, if only to make it stop. I mean, please save something for the 50th anniversary.