Did you see the Brits totally rule at the Tony Awards yesterday? Red, my personal favourite, did extremely well. Someone (Liz Koops?) was saying how the Broadway audience are very particular, quite sentimental and takes everything literally (when talking about why West End hit Enron closed after only two weeks on Broadway. I think if I for one second took Enron at face value I would find it dreadful.) so I can see the appeal with a play like Red. But the great irony in this is of course that even though it is witty and sentimental,  the type of people whom – I can imagine – are celebrating it at the Tonys, are made fun of in the play.  How right Charles Spencer was back in December when he wrote in his review that “Red will almost certainly become a snob hit among the chattering classes, who will then go on to patronise the kind of swanky restaurant Rothko despised and discuss the play over the starters” (The Telegraph).

‘Of course you like it – how can you not like it?! Everyone likes everything nowadays. They like the television and the phonograph and the soda pop and the schampoo and the Crakcer Jack. Everything becomes everything else and it’s all nice and pretty and likable. Everrything is fun in the sun! Where’s the discernment?  Where’s the arbitration that seperates what i like from what I respect, what I deem worthy, what has…listen to me now…signifigance.’ (Red, John Logan)