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The very last day of 2010 is fast approaching, and I intend for it to go down in style (or at least to remain conscious for the better part of it which would be a vast improvement from other years).

The plan for the evening is some sort of 1920’s swing ball cabaret type of thing. I’m not sure exactly in what direction all of that is heading but I’m thinking French soiree, feather boas and sickening amounts of dubonnet. Or, L’Officiel circa 1926:

I’ve been to the Cotswolds. It was pretty as a picture. If you walked through the blue door at the bottom of the garden you came to someplace very similar to Narnia. I took loads of pictures but there was so much snow everywhere, it looks like I have taken about a hundred shots of a sheet of paper.

“Look, it’s Rudolph hanging on the wall.” “It’s not Rudolph. It’s Bambi’s dad.”

Freaky man for dinner company.

I went through about a year’s worth of Country Life.

This was only the beginning…

River Windrush


Karen Knorr, I love, I love, I love! This sort of reminds me of the pictures you see from places like Chernobyl, where nature has been so quick to reclaim human territory. That whole world-without-humans hypothesis…civilization is fragile, don’t we know it. What surprises me is how perfectly natural it looks with a  badger in your 19th century french boudoir, or a couple of bucks fighting it out underneath the chandeliers. Work like this could easily take on a surrealist tone where dislocation is the main principle. But this looks perfectly natural, don’t you think? Or maybe it is only wishful thinking from my side. I mean, personally I would love to live like this. At least a little peacock…please!

A mixed bag from different series:

Things we have discussed most frequently this week at the office (except for work itself of course): Champagne, student fees, diets, self-development strategies, Tamara de Lempicka, food, Flashdance and Christmas (food and diets being our constant topics). Tamara de Lempicka is an interesting subject because we use her as a style inspiration for brand development. I adore her, whilst others…not so much. I can’t explain why, I clearly have no consistency in taste.

… my goal was: Do not copy. Create a new style, … colors light and bright, return to elegance in my models – Tamara de Lempicka

I’m not a big fan of the Penguin’s editions of Ayn Rand with Lempicka covers as it is so blatantly obvious to link them together, although it works well enough I guess because of similarity in artistic vision between the two. I readily admit I have a certain weakness for Rand’s aesthetic theory (even though it may fall on its own accord) and Roark’s praise of Stephen Mallory in The Fountainhead could perhaps be used to explain my love for Lempicka: I think you are the best sculptor we have. I think it because your figures are not what men are, but what men could be – and should be. Because you’ve gone beyond the probable and made us see what is possible, but possible only trough you. Because your figures are more devoid of contempt for humanity than any work I’ve ever seen. Because you have a magnificent respect for the human being. Because your figures are the heroic in man.

Inspired by Lempicka…

Cutler and Gross



I am absolutely besotted with Gillian Anderson’s Wallis Simpson in Any Human Heart. Mein Gott what a stylish woman she was, the Duchess.

More on that later (maybe). Now, to the 20 pieces of jewelry that went under the hammer last night at Sotheby’s.  All from the original The Jewels of the Duchess of Windsor auction in 1987, were once again up for grabs for the lucky few with the right kind of budget.

Onyx and diamond panther bracelet £4,521,250

Gold and diamond nécessaire du soir by Cartier £139,250

Gem-set and diamond cross bracelet by Cartier £601,250

Such gorgeous pieces! Panthers and crosses features quite heavily in my jewelry collection already, although fit in a slightly different price bracket (I’m not sure you can even call it jewelry, it’s more of a junk collection). And I’m not quite sure what I would do with a nécessaire du soir, but I sure want one.


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