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There is lot of moaning going on about this new film adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray. Uhm, can’t everyone just chill out and wait for the film to actually be released instead of getting worked up about the trailer or the poster?

Like at the New Yorker, where they talk about Dorian Gray book-covers instead, so much more fun.

The cover of my edition, a very budget-friendly hardback copy, has gold-letters and a detail from this painting on it;

tissot_la balcon du cercle de la rue paris

Tissot’s club portrait; La Balcon du Cercle de la Rue Royale is usually seen on books by or about Proust. The Circle of the Rue Royale was one of the many Paris clubs imitating the gentlemen clubs of London, were the social elite of the 19th century could gather and…well, by the look of it, do nothing much. One of those men, is Charles Haas whom Proust used as a model for Charles Swann in In Search of Lost Time.

I like the idea of this cover very much:

dorian gray book cover

No title, no author, no picture of Dorian Gray. From Four Corners Books who does artistic interpretations of classics or something like that.

Or this illustrated Dorian Gray from Marvel;

marvel_dorian gray

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