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Well, I have never seen so many happy faces on the front row. But then, who wouldn’t be, with such gorgeous ladies strutting their stuff. I’m loving the glitter, the fringes and the high hair, and most of all, the man himself.


The very last day of 2010 is fast approaching, and I intend for it to go down in style (or at least to remain conscious for the better part of it which would be a vast improvement from other years).

The plan for the evening is some sort of 1920’s swing ball cabaret type of thing. I’m not sure exactly in what direction all of that is heading but I’m thinking French soiree, feather boas and sickening amounts of dubonnet. Or, L’Officiel circa 1926:

I am absolutely besotted with Gillian Anderson’s Wallis Simpson in Any Human Heart. Mein Gott what a stylish woman she was, the Duchess.

More on that later (maybe). Now, to the 20 pieces of jewelry that went under the hammer last night at Sotheby’s.  All from the original The Jewels of the Duchess of Windsor auction in 1987, were once again up for grabs for the lucky few with the right kind of budget.

Onyx and diamond panther bracelet £4,521,250

Gold and diamond nécessaire du soir by Cartier £139,250

Gem-set and diamond cross bracelet by Cartier £601,250

Such gorgeous pieces! Panthers and crosses features quite heavily in my jewelry collection already, although fit in a slightly different price bracket (I’m not sure you can even call it jewelry, it’s more of a junk collection). And I’m not quite sure what I would do with a nécessaire du soir, but I sure want one.


I have to say, the best thing about this whole thing is Carmen Dell’Orefice. She is so bloody fantastic. The dresses…hmm, not so much. I’ll be going after the gloves and shoes though. Satin ribbons galore….bring it on!

Right, so fashion month is heading towards its end. I don’t often post anything fashion related (enough people do already – people who are actually there and who are, usually, skinny and pretty and stylish enough to put me off it) as my favourites are always the same (whether they do a good show or not, I’m loyal!): Badgley Mischka, Chloé, Fendi, Francesco Scognamiglio, Marchesa…

But seriously Chanel, you were something else this year and you deserve a mention. I am not a big Chanel fan, blasphemous as that might sound, but these dresses…I covet!


This last one was actually my planned look for the summer just past. But as I got caught up in boredom and depression I never really got around to it. So I am glad I will  have another chance, next year. For as Karl says, the inspiration for the collection is Delphine Seyrig’s Coco Chanel designed costumes in Last Year in Marienbad, but this is next year, somewhere else.

the show (Check out 05:30! Cutest thing ever!)

A rebuilt Grand Palais featured fountains, mazes and a full-blown live orchestra playing hit renditions. And even if the models are “only” walking, with the intricate layout of the stage, it becomes a piece of beautiful symmetric choreography. This is not just fashion, it’s an art performance.

L’Année dernière à Marienbad (1961)

Fashion week  has come to London town.  And this is what it looked like in the early days.

Chilly? Try Chinchilla

What comes to mind is really, everything that makes up Italian culture, when we talk about La Dolce Vita. Because La Dolce Vita, I think, is really the Italian way of life, this philosophy we have, which we’re also famous for abroad, right? The fact that we simply say ‘tomorrow is a new day’.

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