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Education is dead! Long live education! I am highly anticipating this documentary, should be released soon methinks, also, can I add; I ♥ Ken Robinson.

I expanded my vocabulary today:

Taxidermy is “the art of preparing and preserving the skins of animals and of stuffing and mounting them in lifelike form.” In other words, a fancy way of talking about stuffed animals.  And the fancy ways are always good to know.

In my old high school, all science classes were taught in a near-ancient building that, for some obscure reason, was called Siberia. On teh second floor of Siberia there was a biological museum filled with stuffed animals and jars with nasty pickled things. Mostly birds and fishes but also the more exciting ones that you can see in the picture. My personal favorite was the polar bear, which I think is the little white, fluffy thing behind the moose. But the most impressing piece of the whole collection was the elephant head. It was mounted on the wall to the left and came with some anecdotal myth about how it had ended up in the museum. A story which I have obviously forgotten by now, as with everything else I was ever taught in Siberia. I think it was more of an escaped-animals-from-a-traveling-circus-story than a killed-by-Roosevelt-on-safari-in-the-deepest-and-darkest-Africa-story. But still impressive. I also want to remember a human foetus in one of the jars but that sounds a bit too unorthodox to be true, it was probably a monkey, or thinking about it, it might have been a X-files episode.

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Long time no see. I’ve been busy. Sort of busy anyway. After finishing all my exams in Mid-May I have alternated between a state of total angst, contemplating different forms of hara-kiri and a state of total drunkenness, contemplating why I only like rum in form of a mojito. At first I drank to celebrate my return to the world of the living (as opposed to the world of dead poets), after a few days it became a way of easing the pains of post-exam depression. Not sure exactly what my problem with writing exams is but I think it has something to do with my nerves. They are weak and uncontrollable.

I have had a lot of bad dreams about school lately. Both waken dreams and nightmares. Last night I dreamt I was in class, being asked by Dr French to read something, not quite sure what but probably Rabelais or something equally pointless. The words were jumping all over the pages, bending, skipping, merging together and not behaving as letters should at all. After having stumbled through the pages for what felt like eternity my teacher asked me to leave the classroom. Can you imagine the shame I felt? Being kicked out of class…at university(!). I have not been kicked out since 8th grade biology class. Anyway, coming out of the classroom, I realized what was wrong with me. I’m dyslexic. Yes, that explains everything. Why, when I’m writing my exams the words I write don’t make any sense even though I just wrote them. It explains why I can remember everything about German Symbolist painters, opposing views of poetry in the 19th Century and meta-theatricality in Shakespeare but still manage to forget every single verb in the English language. I’m not stupid; I’m dyslexic and words are my enemy. Then I woke up, realized I’m not dyslexic at all, just really crap at dealing with any sort of pressure. Now I’m wondering how wrong it would be to have a vodka-redbull for lunch.

This is brilliant….and addictive.

TED – Technology, Education and Design. Loads of speeches from the conferences they hold every year are available online. They are brief and concise but so intelligent, engaging and inspiring. And quite funny.

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