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I have finally managed to get my ass down to the cinema to see Star Trek and absolutely loved every single second of it. Sci-fi at its very best and I would almost go as far as saying it is one of the best films I have ever seen.  OK, I know I’m exaggerating slightly, but there has been way too little action involving aliens and spacecrafts in my recent life due to the complete absence of a TV for the past year. And in my vain attempts to discover high culture, I seemed to have neglected the things that truly matters in life, like V and Quantum Leap. But seriously, all Trekkie-partiality aside, this film is good.  And more-over, as an origins-film, I think it managed to do what Wolverine did not; sufficiently develop the characters and their relationship with each other, and doing so without compromising the high paced action (fist fight, sword fight, phaser fight, exploding spacecraft, exploding planet, exploding solar system, etc. etc.).

Although I have to say I am a bit sceptic towards the way time-travelling is presented in the film (because I obviously know enough about black holes and worm holes and white holes to give a valid judgment, so would you after a few seasons with Stargate). And it does complicate the process of piecing the film together with the original story-line (which I guess is the point) but here is also where my sci-fi-TV-geek-knowledge fails me anyway. Because I have only watched reruns of Star Trek at random, I have never seen any of the series in sequence. It has been The Original Series, The Next Generation and Enterprise all jumbled up together. So I have no idea who succeeded who, how many years apart or how many different types of Enterprises there are.  One day Captain Kirk would be bravely jumping around an extremely dangerous, unknown planet made out of papier machiéwearing a velour jumper (fashion choice of sexy in the 60’s?) and the next day Captain Picard would celebrate with a nice cup of Earl Grey after having saved humanity from destruction wearing a practical jumpsuit (fashion choice of sexy in the 80’s). So for me, it doesn’t matter who is commander in chief or what Starfleet uniform he is wearing. As long as there is enough teleportation, phaser-action and spaceships going into warp drive, I’m happy.

Oh and also, as long as there is Spock; my suppressed Vulcan-crush has resurfaced. Isn’t he the most adorable half-alien you have ever seen? He looks a little bit like a cross between Dracula and Gargamel topped with a bad haircut.  Love it.

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