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You know that Friends episode where Joey throws a secret party for the days-of-our-lives-cast and gives everyone tickets to a play to get them out of the way but then everyone finds out and goes to the party except for Chandler who is at the theatre all by himself and it turns out to be this one-woman-play with a very bitter and intimidating woman that goes “WHY DON’T YOU LIKE ME?! Chapter One: My first period.”

Well, it was something like that I imagined The Vagina Monologues would be like, which is why I have never attempted to go and see it. I was scared.

The Vagina Monologues has been around for a decade now, Eva Ensler started conducting interviews with women on their thoughts on sex, their bodies, relationships etc. which resulted in a play celebrating female sexuality and the vagina. Ensler went on to create V-Day which is a global movement to end violence against women. If I understood it right it is not on a specific day but the campaign runs throughout the months of February and March. All over the world campaigners organises benefit events, usually involving productions of The Vagina Monologues.

So every year around this time there is a student production of the play at my university. Ticket prices were £3.50, the stage was next to the union bar and they sold vagina cookies so I couldn’t really say no, could I?. Turns out I had nothing to be afraid of. True, some parts were very intense and if I had been alone on the first row like Chandler, I would probably have been a bit uncomfortable. And shouting cunt repeatedly together with people you don’t know is….well awkward. But it was very entertaining and moving (the monologues are addressing everything from orgasm, child birth, gynaecologists, dominatrix, rape, genital mutilation etc.). It did contain very visual descriptions and some images have engraved themselves in my memory. Like Burt Reynolds standing knee-deep in ‘the flood’ watching Dean Martin swimming by in a tuxedo…hmm.

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