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I’ve been to the Cotswolds. It was pretty as a picture. If you walked through the blue door at the bottom of the garden you came to someplace very similar to Narnia. I took loads of pictures but there was so much snow everywhere, it looks like I have taken about a hundred shots of a sheet of paper.

“Look, it’s Rudolph hanging on the wall.” “It’s not Rudolph. It’s Bambi’s dad.”

Freaky man for dinner company.

I went through about a year’s worth of Country Life.

This was only the beginning…

River Windrush



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  • Dear Home Office, can you be a bit more specific? 🤔 6 days ago
  • Pick up line from random guy on the street “please can you be part of my life” may be the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me 1 month ago
  • So, let’s see how I, who get stressed out by Oxford’s ring road, cope with LA’s spaghetti junctions 😬 1 month ago


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